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Welcome to DeSantisARms! The "Situation Dictates" the "Solution"

We are primarily a Class 1 dealer.

If you know what you want, we can sell it to you. 

If you want to buy it from someone else but need a local place to ship to, we can process the paperwork and background check.

DeSantis Arms was started into 2011 to help gun buyers get a system that works for them.  We differentiate ourselves by helping the consumer develop a “Total System.”  We offer consultation to develop a system that works for the needs of the individual.  For example, the set-up for a three gun competition varies greatly from the way you would set up and accessories you would for everyday concealed carry. The “Situation Dictates” the “solution”.

It can be a daunting task to choose the weapon and accessories to meet your needs, we are here to help.

We are also a Class 6 FFL (manufacturer of ammunition for firearms.  We are currently only producing .45 ACP target ammo.


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